Sophie’s World 20th Anniversary Edition

An important Introduction I find that I need to share it here to all earthlings
(as though the awareness of climate change hasn’t been greater).
Besides understanding wide ranges of the whole philosophy context, Gaarder has addressed the importance in conserving mother earth. Merely not for the sake of the lives of our future generations that marked this responsibility upon us today, but also the ethic and meaning we imprint into our respected souls, as much as we respect human rights. And therefore, respecting future generations as much as we respect each second of the universal format of time.
The solution that pops up in my head is – sustainability. By renewable resources – wind and solar energy. Which is what Elon Musk is working on right now.

Here is the link to read up Sophie’s World 🙂 Enjoy!
by Jostein Gaarder


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Do philosophical questions remain the same for all time?
How are we going to save our civilisation and the basis of our existence?

“…if I were to write a philosophical novel today, I would have focused a lot more on how we treat our planet.”

Golden Rule ; Reciprocity principle: Do to others what you would like them to do to you.

“Greatest triumph for philosophy and ethics – UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Because human rights were not granted to us by higher powers.”

“It no longer makes sense to think about the responsibility of individuals and individual states – not at least our responsibility to safeguard the rights of future generations.”

“If we are to save biodiversity, we need to revolutionise our thinking. Living as though everything  centres on our time is just as naive as thinking the Earth is flat.”

“We must respect future times as we respect our own time.”

It is unlikely that supernatural forces will bring about a Judgement Day. But it is inevitable that we will be judged by our descendants.

“The ethical question is not difficult to answer – what is difficult is living by the answer.”

“As clever, vain and inventive as we are, it is easy to forget that we are simply primates. But are we really so clever if we put our cleverness and inventiveness ahead of our responsibility for the future of the planet?”

Yes, we are shaped by culture and our social history, by the civilisation which produces us. But we are also shaped by our planet’s biological history. A cultural one can only form from a genetic heritage.

“He who cannot draw on three thousand years is living from hand to mouth” – Goethe


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